Logitech AV iPad Stand

It is well known that the iPad's speaker is, well, a bit weedy. While there are a million and one low cost stands out there, if you really want to use your iPad as a movie screen, you need one that incorporates a decent speaker too.
Enter the Logitech AV Stand, a tubular stereo speaker with an arm mounted iPad holder.


The arm pivots in several places so you can pull your iPad forward and lay it almost flat, very handy if you want to key in a quick email, Tweet or long URL.


The dock unit rotates through 90 degrees, so you can quickly move your tablet from portrait mode to landscape and back again.

logitech_av_stand_portraitmode_with_ipad logitech_av_stand_landscapemode_with_ipad

The AV Stand is designed for all the iPads. Logitech has fitted a couple of plastic widgets that clip to the two supports that hold the tablet's sides, these are for the newer iPads, so if you have a first generation iPad, then just pull 'em out.
With an iPad in place, it is a little to easy to bring it so far forward, the whole lot tips forward. But I cannot see many circumstances in which you would want to pull the iPad toward you, away from the stand.
The AV Stand's main body contains a pair of side-facing 2inch speakers and a bass reflex port at the back. The output is not going to blow you away, but the sound is clear. The bass is decent, and there is a sense of space to the sound, even with mono material.
It is no Bose, but you do not expect that for 70 quid. As a £70 speaker dock, it does not sound at all bad.

logitech_av_stand_back logitech_av_stand_side_profile

Now down to the remote. Corners have been cut with the remote, which, because it is clearly generic, will not let you navigate through the iPad's movie and music files, just change the volume and track-skip. It also flips between the iPad's screen and the composite-video port on the back of the stand.


Poor remote aside, this is a decent little unit. Download the Netflix or the BBC iPlayer app, and you will have a nice compact desktop, kitchen or bedroom TV alternative.