Soda Does The Job

Removing labels from a glass bottle results in gunk that you need to deal with. But there is one household solution to remove labels without gunk: a water bath of soda crystals.
My grandmother used to swear by soda crystals to do most job, she would say it was great to get grease out of clothes, great to get your whites white, an ideal drain and sink un-blocker and an all round good household cleaning product.
You can buy soda crystals very cheaply from your local supermarket and it is normally found in the laundry isle.
Simply fill the kitchen sink with hot water, dropped about half a cup of soda crystals into the water and let dissolve then submerge the bottle to soak for half an hour, the label will then just slid off easily.


Fishy Business

When you are buying fish, it is important to make sure your fish smells like the sea, and not, well, like fish. That is one indicator of freshness.


However, after the fish has come home, gone into the fridge, or been frozen and thawed, even your freshly bought fish may start to take on a fishy smell. The solution is easy: A twenty minute soak in a bowl of milk, then pat it dry and that fishy smell is all gone.
If this all sounds a bit bizarre then take a look at the video below and you will get an explanation of why fish smells like fish.