Dog In A Spin

Cooking a hot dog is not rocket science, but making that hot dog something really special can be trickier than loading it up with toppings. By giving your hot dog a quick spiral cut before putting it on the grill, It will cook up perfectly straight, you boost the surface area so you get more of that nice grilled flavour, and once it's on the bun there are plenty of nooks and crannies for relish and other toppings to fit into.


It turns out the spiral cut is really simple. You just skewer the hot dog, hold your knife at an angle, and roll it away from you under the knife. Take the dog off of the skewer and drop it on the grill. One of the benefits of the spiral cut is that the hot dog will cook up perfectly straight, and you will not have to worry about it curling up, the skin ripping, or it cooking unevenly. Every tiny corner of the dog will cook up with that nice, caramelised flavour that makes grilling so delicious.