We have all been to Ikea at some point and noticed how they love to sell you items that store just about anything and because most of the time they are so cheap and open to your own style of decoration they are so truly versatile.
Have you ever come across the Knuff magazine file storage boxes, they come in pack of two and they are less than £7, they are untreated wood; can be treated with oil, paint or you could even decoupage them for a personal touch.


But if you look at them from a different perspective then they can be a whole lot more than just a magazine filling system, it could even be your very own ‘Vide Poche’.
A ‘vide poche’, is french for ‘empty pockets’, and normally it is essentially an empty bowl or container near the door that you empty your pockets in when you get into the house. You would place you stash your keys, office access badge, spare change, mobile phone and all of your other odds and ends in one place so you do not scatter them around the house, and can find them quickly on the way back out. Now with a bowl you would need somewhere to house it, but with this idea it is your vide poche and shelf in one.
To create this quite wonderful and yet simple bit of kit then your need to do the following:

1) paint, stain or decoupage your magazine holder (or leave it plain).
2) pre-drill two holes for the screws and mark your wall where the screws will go, making sure they are level.
3) mount your box to the wall, using washers so the screw heads do not sink too far into the wood.
4) if you have got a wall socket nearby then you can even charge your mobile phone or iPod by putting the cord through the hole in the box.

And there you have, your very own ex Ikea magazine organiser now serving its purpose as a ‘Vide Poche’.