Jan 2019

WatchOS 5 - Control And Notifications

WatchOS 5 update for Apple watch is filled with new subtle features. Features that will make your Apple watch experience a lot less annoying. Where watchOS 4 threw roadblocks, watchOS 5 holds your hand. It is apparent in the new Siri features and new notification features.


watchOS 5 puts an end to another big frustration of mine. You can now access notification center and control center no matter where you are. Previously, you would also have to get back to the home screen to check notifications or to access the flashlight from control center.
But while this feature is new, it’s not at all intuitive.
So here is how to access notification center and control center from anywhere on Apple watch in watchOS 5
If you are in an app and you simply swipe down from the top like you would on the home screen, you will notice that nothing happened. That is because there is a whole new gesture.


Gently put a finger on the top edge of the Apple watch display and just as gently, a little preview of the notification center will show up. Now, while keeping the finger on the screen, just swipe down and you are in the notification center.


To access control center, do the same thing in the opposite direction!