I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey.


W.....Wait For It.

It has been a fair few months since I have written anything on my blog but in hindsight, once I explain your see just why.
Work was not kind to me and with the demise of my hours something had to give. So instead of sitting about complaining I decided to do something about it. I put together a LinkedIn profile, then set about making a cracking CV. I had focus to who I wanted to work for, even if only part time and then started the ball rolling with application after application. It did not take long before one of my top picks, John Lewis Partnership to answer my plea.


I was called for an interview at Waitrose Epsom for a catering assistant in the staff canteen, but after careful consideration to the job role I decided it was not for me, I thought that it would be putting me in deep water, to deep for my liking and sadly had to decline their offer, but wait....They told me to hold on as the word was that some hours where becoming available as someone in branch was transferring. I was expecting to hear in a weeks time but it was only the next day that I had that phone call for those allusive words "would you like to come in for an interview?”
Needless to say I was offered a job at the end of my interview.
It has been serval months now and I have gone from strength to strength, I have survived my first Christmas in retail and coming on in leaps and bounds and going from one role to another within customer services. I am now working on the front line of customer service, call it the firing line if you will, but it is my most challenging and rewarding role yet, I am now the trendy face of Waitrose Epsom at its helm, The Welcome Desk.
I can only see this is my starting springboard to other goals and aspirations.

A Good Friday

Sometimes when I am sat in front of the computer head long into work I forget the time and days around me. I forgot that his Friday was a bank holiday and because the retail stores seem to target such holidays so far in advance, It even slipped my mind that it was the Easter bank holiday. So it proved to be a short week for some and an unexpected holiday for me.
My good friend Ian had no work today and that meant he had today spare and so he visited for the day. We caught up on all the gossip and then I introduced him to a few games in the PS3 that both myself, Ian and Wayne could play.
It was a fun night and another introduction for Ian to the things that go on in my world.