I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey.



Everyone who has ever tried to do something long term has probably found that the biggest challenge is not reaching your goal but maintaining a schedule to do the task in hand and when it comes to weight loss this is one of the biggest hurdles faced by most, since goals like that are not seen with quick results.
Last year I had sports injury that stopped me from running and so had to take a more sedated approach to keeping fit but unfortunate last year that did not happen and I fell more and more into a progressive slump.
This year I feel more motivated to want to lose the weight and keep fit and being an owner of a treadmill there really is no excuse to why I’m not at least using that, I cannot blame the bad British weather for not using that.
From experience I have noticed that when you become aware of your body shape and decide you really do not like what you see then you have two choices, you can shy away from the whole issue and cover yourself up in lose baggy clothing or take a firm stand and decide at present that you do have a curvy body and that the shapes do not quite fit into place so you set a realistic goal and a schedule to do something about it.
I have set a goal of 18 months to lose weight and scheduling a daily run for 30 minutes on the treadmill with the aim to lose enough weight that I am happy with what is see looking back at me in the mirror. I find setting a goal like this is realistic and something I will stick to, being told to lose X amount of kg might be a medical achievement for some but that type of goal is no good if you still look at your body and still know you are physically fat rather than medically fat.
I have tried lots of diet plans and as much as some are helpful in educating you to eat right the one thing they all have in common is that it is a complete change of lifestyle that cannot be maintained long term and you then understand why the diet industry is worth a staggering two billion a year in the UK alone, just on dietary products to help you maintain losing weight.
Luckily for us iPhone users there are applications that make tracking weight and goals a lot easier and making life that little bit easier to maintain your goal.


I have been using a application called ‘MyFitnessPal’ and works well and is simple to use. After signing onto the program, you enter your weight, age and goal weight. The application asks you to judge the amount of daily activity you do. You can then choose how much you plan to lose each week. In addition, you set your exercise goal. Next, you are told the number of calories you should eat each day in order to lose that weight. Each day, you will fill in two daily logs: what you eat, and what you do for exercise. My Fitness Pal stores thousands of different foods, including many brand name items and wight he iPhone application you can just scan the bar code and enter how much you ate of that item or go wight he recommended does that the barcoding reports back. for those items without a barcode or un-scanable barcode you can type in a search term and choose the closest matching item. Your food diary on My Fitness Pal will save foods that you commonly eat, so after entering that food once, all you need to do when you eat that again is just check the item and add it to that meal.
Along with entering your meals, you can enter your exercise for that day. Just like the food diary, the exercise diary section lets you type in the type of exercise you have done and tell how many minutes you did. It will calculate the number of calories you burned and add those additional calories to the total amount you can eat that day if you so wish to, I however prefer not to.
When you have finished entering your log for the day, you will get a note which tells you how you are doing and what your weight progress will be in five weeks.
If that was not motivational enough of not clear enough then wight he new iOS 8 operating system the Apple ‘Health’ application lets works along side most diet application and shows in its main dashboard dietary and exercise information to keep you motivated.

Down In The Dumps

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and the person looking back was not you?
I have been getting those feelings day after day and today was the breaking point of it all, seeing that fat unhappy man looking back at me.
Because I did not see the weight fall off last year from the jogging then this year had a knock on effect with the lack of enthusiasm for this year.
This year has to be different, I really do have to work at it, I need to be stricter with myself and start off with recording my intake in the way of a food diary. I must get used to drinking more water, it is something I really do not do and should. I think cutting out sugar in drinks will help towards just how many calories I do take in daily, cut back on snacking with those sweets and treats and just treat myself at the weekend as a reward.
I am kind of glad it came to this stage, because it has not just let me know I need to make changes but also my friends around me can see how important this is to me and on days when I am not feeling on top of the world then they know to give a gentle nudge to pick me up.


No Snacking

I have been thinking how the hell do I get my weight down to something controllable, my weight has been yo-yoing and now all I want to do is get it to a body that I am happy with.
So from today, I am making every effort to cut back on those snacks and sweet treats, eat at regular intervals and make sure I have breakfast, the one thing I miss every day.


It is early days and I am not craving for anything sweet yet. I am feeling a lot fuller on the fact that I am eating breakfast, if I need a snack then it is some fruit or raw vegetables for me.
So that I do not go down the route of starving my body of all things sweet then I shall do this healthy eating of a weekday and any treats will have to be at the weekend, a bit like when I was a kid and was only allowed sweets and goodies at the weekend, something to look forward to.

Week In, Week Out

It has been two weeks now of using the treadmill and it is slowly paying off. I have just done another Weigh in and I have lost 5lbs, result!


Brand New Day, Brand New Me

Today is the start of the brand new regime I hope will motivate me to get some of this weight shifted and also to shift my body pattern so I get more out of my day.
It is really hard when you are stuck in a body cycle that every day puts its self out of sync, so I think a regular bed time and a regular regime of exercise should do it. The reason why I say this may help shift my body clock, might be due to the fact my body clock has always been set on night mode, from the many years working in the brewery trade, people do not realise running a pub is not a nine to five job. When you have been doing long silly hours for so long, even when you stop, your body clock just still runs on that time and even just simply going to bed early does not work, well it does not work for me. I tried going to bed early but I would be wide awake for about three hours after I had gone to bed, unable to sleep till the little hand past the number three.
I hope that if I feed my body right and do a regular exercise plan that my body will be so tiered by hopefully 10:30pm, I should naturally fall asleep by no later than midnight, this will still giving me plenty of time to do all my chores, website updates, blog entry's and also some quite time.
So instead of getting up late in the day, today I am up at 9:30am having breakfast and a coffee and just writing this entry as my body is shocked into the brand new me.


So after hitting forty I also hit probably my heaviest weight and though I can handle being forty, one thing I do not want to be is fat and forty. So I have taken a firm hold on ways to control my food intake and also ways to exercise that burn calories. I need it to be fun to do but also for me to be able to maintain, unlike my many failed attempts at the gym. I am aiming for five days a week, a little each day and steadily increase the exercise regime as I get fitter.
I have found three great applications that are helping me on my fitter journey. Calorie counter and diet tracker by ‘MyFitnessPal’ helps me record my calorie intake, iMapMyRun by ‘MapMyFitness’ helps me not only track my walks, runs, hikes or even days out shopping but also but also the calories I have burnt in doing so and finally I use weight monitor by ‘Essence Computing’ to record my weight loss or in some cases weight gain. What I love about weight monitor is that it not only shows your weight progress but also as a trend line, so even if you do put on weight half way through your diet you can see that overall you are losing it.
I aim to GFNF, get fit not fat.