I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey.


A Day Not Being Mum

I am lucky that when I go to any theme park, I do not have to worry about what rides I can and cannot go on, I say that because this year I took Kelly to Thorpe Park and normally when Kelly goes to such places she has her boys with her who can only go on certain rides because of height restrictions or the fact the ride might be a little to fast or scary for them, even if you have the luck of going with another adult and doing the parent swap idea where one que’s up, goes on the ride and then they swap places after the ride, it is still very much a long winded process that can really eat into you day at the theme park. So this trip to Thorpe Park was extra special for Kelly as it was just an adults day out.
I wanted it to be extra special for Kelly by taking the driving element out for her and so I picked her up about 7:30am and took a pleasant drive there, allowing for plenty of time and hoping not to get caught in to much traffic, we arrived with plenty of time on our hands and had a good hour before the park actually opened and so drove a few miles down the road to find somewhere open to grab a coffee and a snack. We found a garage that served Costa coffee and sticky cake treats and it had a nice private parking area, so I parked up and broke the rule of allowing people to eat and drink in my car, well it was a special day out.


After we had our cake and coffee we headed back to Thorpe park and this time when we arrived there was a few more cars and it was time to grab a parking bay and head to the gates and wait for them to open. Like so many other visits I wanted to get the biggest rides out of the way and so headed straight to ‘The Swarm’ but today the ride was closed so we headed for ‘Saw’.


I had in my mind a plan of action that we would try and get as many main attractions out of the way at the start of the day and then if we wanted to go on them again I would buy fast track tickets for the individual rides. That was a special treat for Kelly as she had no idea that I was going to do that for her, I wanted her to experience the top rides in the best position, it is know as pole position, it is front row seats.


The weather had turned out to be quite hot, in fact hot enough to go on the wet rides in the middle of the day rather than at the end of the day when you do not mind getting a little wet. How is it though, that Kelly actually did not get very wet at all, I took most of the soaking, oh well the day was hot enough that I dried off very quickly, we did however give ‘Tidal Wave’ a miss, that was taking getting wet to the extreme.





The park was not busy so we did lots of rides several times and then only needed to do fast-track for three of the rides to be able to sit in pole position, we even managed to spend some time in the arcade and I had to have a go on the claw grabber machines and I won a cuddly toy, we also spend a few pounds in two pence’s on the penny flips and Kelly won a few things for the boys.


All in all the day turned out brilliant, we had time to ride on all the rides, some several times, stop and have a spot of lunch with time to rest, go on the water rides and dry out and collect ride photos at the end of the day and then leave before the park closed, we actually left when we was tiered and could not rid anymore. Kelly and I are looking forward now to the next theme park visit later in the year.





Here Comes The Rain

The UK is not best known for its good weather, if anything it is more known for its bad weather. Normally just before Christmas arrives her in the Uk we get a flurry of snow and ice and other cold blustery winds, but this year we had heavy rains, rains that did not let up and that caused across the country flooding.
Some streams became rivers, rivers overflowed and became lakes and anywhere that water could flow to or through, it did.
For most, Christmas eve is all about doing the last minute things just before everything shuts down for the holiday period.
The property that I am currently living in has had problems for a few years now and the lack of maintenance from the housing association has shown and has added to its dilapidation, so much so the building has subsided and caused a few more problems, one of them being that cracks and entry points that water can get into.
This year Christmas was eventful but for all the wrong reasons, the heavy rain made its way in through the cracks in the wall and what should of been a relaxing few days turned into hours of mopping up water, wringing out towels and emptying buckets.

Obviously emergency services were stretched to breaking point due to the bad weather and the fact it fell right on top of the holiday period did not help, but Hyde Housing association took four days to come out to an emergency call out, one word; Negligence.

Great Bakes

Normally a Wednesday is a day for Wayne and I to go out and spend some quality time together and visit either a historic location, clothes shopping or take in the sights of a new surrounding. Now all this is all well and good if the weather permits, but the typical British weather can be so unpredictable, take todays forecast, the weather was in no fit state to be leisurely strolling about town or countryside.
So today Wayne and I took the opportunity to do some home baking together. Today we jointly made some Florentines and for the first time, some Beetroot bread.
Now all we both have to do is wait for the results.



We have had a bad summer this year, however one crop has grown despite the lack of sun and today I am noticing that the once green flowery stalks of the tomato plant has now started to produce fruit.