I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey.


Everything Is Big

What is it about the Americans? They are often referred to as doing everything so much bigger, whether it be food portions, household appliances, their homes or their cars. Is it because the major of Americans are built larger than us in the UK or is it a status symbol?
Well, one thing is for sure, there is a whole load of things bigger than me and there was me thinking I was large until Gary took a photo of me when on base at RAF Lakenheath.


Two in one day

How nice it is to get some mail in your inbox or posted through you letterbox, it is just great for that bit of communication, even better though when it is in person. Today I got two in one day, two visitors that is. I was up early knowing I had guests coming over, whipping the hoover about in places I had missed a few days earlier and then headed of into town for a few cakes.
I bought home a selection of cream cakes and just in time for our first guest.
Not seen Peter in several months and it was nice to see an old face and catch up. My next visitor arrived shortly after, Colin who's been a good friend for a few years now, one of those people you meet and instantly click with.
Oh well that is about it for today. I wonder what tomorrow brings for me?