I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey.


Delivered Or Dumped

Probably that worst service I have received was from both Yodel and My Hermes.
I buzzed in the courier and he could not even be bothered to bring my package to the door, instead he hurled the package with enough momentum to slide and tumble towards the front door.
The trouble with companies like yodel my Hermes is they employ Joe Bloggs, someone who is trying to earn a few extra pounds so has no understanding of delivery protocol i.e. How to deal with customers, how to deliver a box or how to pick up a large box safely. So the service you receive may be cheaper but of less quality and absolutely no standards.


However using a company like UPS or TNT or even Parcelforce they actually employ people to work and represent their company they do not subcontract so as a result you have a person who delivers to your door with a kind greeting possibly calling you sir or madam, and delivering to you as a customer, everything about that delivery is all about customer experience it is about training retraining and to give customers the best possible service. It might be slightly more expensive than companies such as yodel or parcel to go or my Hermes but that money is reflected in the quality of service it costs to train individuals that work for such companies. It is therefore a reflection on the price you are paying for ultimately the quality of service.

Tesco Direct

First experiences need to go without a hitch in order for you to use a service again, it is a shame that my first experience with Tesco Direct was not all met with smiles and joy, if anything it proved to be a real pain.
The actual ordering online went without a glitch and as advised some two hours later an email confirmation told me when my order was ready for collection, I had opted for the instore collection rather than deliver, thinking that would be the best option and also not having to wait around all day for my five minute window.
I had to borrow Wayne's car to collect my compost bin as the dimensions were to wide for my car, that was problem number one, but soon resolved, we got it in the back of the car with the seats down, just.
Now I do not expect staff to move collections from out the back to the customers in a perfect fashion and as most items are well packed it does then lend for items to be shunted across the floor, in most cases, unless you order a compost bin. The item had nothing more than some tape holding the lid to the body and as the item was so light I expect it to be lifted but instead it was scraped across the floor that did so much damage to the lid that aesthetically is was a write off. When you order a new product you expect for it to be in pristine condition, if I had ordered it second hand then, and only then can I expect scuffs from general wear and tear.
This was just one of the problems that I noticed when I got the item home, the other was the badly designed lid that had a section missing, not a good start to my first experience.

Compost Bin

I had no intention of returning the whole item back to the store at my inconvenience so instead I made it their inconvenience.
The only way for me to resolve this was to send an email with photos and explaining of the poor first experience that I encountered, in a hope to have a new lid and at least give Tesco some feedback in the service that they seem to think is good quality.
Several emails later and a lot of automated responses from Tesco's had taken its toll and I finally I had enough so I called them direct to resolve the issue.
Put it this way, even though I now have a new bin lid one thing I will not do is use Tesco Direct ever again or for that matter recommend them.

The Green Girl Needs An M.O.T.

Those of us who own cars really do take it for granted just how well they run with some or little attention to what is under the bonnet. Normally the only attention we give our cars is topping up the windscreen reservoir and making sure the petrol level does not drop to low, other than that the car is left to its own devices to tick over from year to year.
Today however I put my car in for more than just an M.O.T. as today she got a full service.
I took the car down to my regular mechanics 'The MOT Shop' who looked after me for yet another year.
It can be such a job to find a mechanic that does not rip you off simply because you know very little or nothing about what is under the bonnet.
However much I tell people the best option is always to deal direct with the manufacturers this does not apply in the car world, if you stuck to that option you would be sure to get ripped off.
Well done Dave at 'The MOT Shop’ Wandle Service Station you have yet again done wonders with my car.


A Day Of Riches

Yesterday was quite, so I did not have anything to write about, but today has made up for it as it has been somewhat jam packed.
My day started off with an appointment at the clinic for my routine bloods and swabs as part of a general health check and all is good on that front. I then headed into town for a trip to sort out a banking matter and I did not feel my bank delivered the service I normally get, might have to look into that.
I am not sure if my expectations of service and customer care has increased anymore but I do think that because I do most of my shopping in Kingston and in department stores like Apple, Waitrose and John Lewis where customer service and care is of the highest standards everyone else seems to lack what they have and it really shows. Just walking through Sutton high street I could see the demise of what used to be a nice place to shop and now it is turning into a dirty, run down and frightfully full of common folk screaming out at their unruly children. I can safely add Sutton along with the likes if Croydon to the list of places I will not be seen shopping in again.
I have been slowly increasing my physical levels and now I have my new running buddy, I thought I would look about for some essential gear that would come in handy not just for my walks, runs but to use generally and as luck would have it I got some real deals today. I was in a retail park not far from home browsing in a sports shop when I cam across an array of Karrimor gear at silly prices so I had to treat myself. I got a pair of walking poles for under a tenner, an iPod sports armband for under a fiver, two pairs of sports earbuds (the over ear ones) both of which also under a fiver and then a water bottle belt pack and spare running bottle for under a tenner. Looks like I did well on that bit of retail therapy.
When coming home the news just got better, more treats. Apple announced it is releasing a new operating system 'Mountain Lion' just a year after 'Lion' OS X and as a taster before the release in the summer Mac users got treated to 'Messages' the new feature to replace iChat and make it more in tune with the iOS style of messaging. Slowly but surely I am seeing subtle changes since owning a Mac that OS X is merging with iOS to make a cross platform and universal application that works with all your Apple iDevices and big changes on how common tasks are now more integrated than ever before, like twitter and text chats that can then turn into video chats with a flick of a switch.
If your curiosity has got the better of you then click on the ‘Mountain Lion’ icon to see a short video of what you can expect this summer. If that is not enough for you and you want a little treat then click on the ‘Messages’ icon to download the Beta of ‘Messages’.



To cap off todays events, was some offerings from the PSN as last months offering for PSN plus customers was not to great but yet again today showed they are making up for it as the latest content was the biggest. I have managed to download today a total of twenty-five dynamic PS3 themes, four PS3 full game titles and eight PSP titles all for the price of zero pounds and zero pence. Membership is showing some clear advantages and when my renewal comes up in the summer I will sure be subscribing for another year.