I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey.


Lens Conclusion

Simply put, I just did not get on well with them, I had so much trouble getting them in my eyes that it would make my eyes sore and then I would not want to wear them. For me and my lifestyle contact lenses are just not right, but at least though I can say I tried.


Contacts Trial - Day Three

After yesterday's failed attempt it has put me off attempting today and then coupled up with my right eye still feeling sore from yesterday, bugger me if I'm going to attempt to poke about with my eye again. I am going to leave it a few days before having another go at it as a friend suggested.
So in the meantime I am going to write a list of pros and cons for wearing lenses and then take a step back and see if it is really worth the hassle of wearing lenses over glasses.


Contacts Trial - Day Two

Day two of the contact lens trail and from last night I noticed that the lenses did not feel as strong as my glasses so I popped back to the opticians to discuss my concerns and I was told that they will never be as strong due to the fact they sit in your eye, unlike glasses that sit a short distance from your eye. So do I put up with the slight difference in lens strength over convenience?
I give up, it cannot be that hard to get them in, really it is supposed to be an improvement not a headache and with half an hour to get one lens in and failed and one wasted set, I will now have to try again tomorrow as my eye is so blood shot from todays attempt. Nothing is worth this much hassle, is it?


Contacts Trial - Day One

I think with everyone who wears glasses, they get to a point where wearing them is inconvenient or they simply forget to have them to hand when they need them, like an unexpected meal out and you need them to read some small print on a menu and they are at home on your desk, so at times like this contact lenses seem to be the best option.
I went to my opticians and enquired about wearing lenses and I have taken one of these free trails, it lasts five days with five pairs of daily disposable contact lenses and a teach session on how tout them in.
I was quite nervous when I arrived at the opticians but soon over come that and my only stumbling block was not putting something in my eye, it was being able to lift my top eyelid high enough to be able to get the lens in as every attempt the lens would catch my eyelashes and prevent a successful insertion.
Getting them out is even easier and that has not proved to be a problem.
I am quite surprised how comfortable the lenses are and after not thinking you have them in your eyes you do forget they are there.


The Doc Says

I knew the today's visit to the doctors would be met with some kind of rest, but I was not sure how long that rest period was to be.
Oh dear I have a case of Chondromalacia Patellae (also known as CMP).
CMP is caused by the irritation of the undersurface of the kneecap or Patella that is covered by a layer of smooth cartilage and when this cartilage area become irritated a knee pain is experienced. It is very common among football players, gymnasts, cyclists, rowers, ballet dancers and of course runners.


I have found out that I will not be running for some time and part of that not running period will include two weeks of total rest.
I was prescribed some strong painkillers and anti-inflammatories and also told to wear a light knee support, such as a tube-e-grip whilst indoors but allowing an eight hour period of no support. If I needed to go out for any long periods of time I had to wear a stronger knee support, the one that is specific for sporting use. I have been told to keep my leg elevated of a night and to do some light stretching exercises and then when I do return to running again it has to be a program that consists of walking that progressively gets longer, slowly combining it with very short bursts of running. Looks like the Nike+ beginners twelve week program is going to be the best program.
Oh well such is life, you live and you learn.

Joggers Knee

I thought getting used to jogging was going to well. I, like most beginners starting out in learning how to run for fitness soon discover that running on Tarmac rather than a soft grass verge causes problems with underdeveloped leg muscles. After what has been for the last few days a routine jog around the park ended abruptly with a shooting pain to my right knee.
I have learnt early on and thank goodness I have, that an injury at this stage is easily repairable and it is only down to the fact that I do not know how to warm up and cool down properly or run on the right conditions that has caused this injury. I know that taking a week off to jogging will repair the damage and it has taught me a lesson that there is a lot more to learning how to run or jog.