I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey.


Quick Four Minute Workout

Hands up how many of you are happy with your weight, yes I thought so not many show of raised hands. Yes, we all hate the fact that it is far easier to put weight on but so hard to get shot of it and diets or going to the gym never seem to work because it is all about committing far to much of the little time that we do have, or there will be another excuse. But I think I have a solution that will not eat into to much of your time or make you commute to a lengthy gym membership.
The solution is a quick four minute work out that can be done anywhere, anytime and with no need for equipment, the only equipment you need is will power.
I gave it my best shot today and yes it is intense but that is the whole aim of this type of work out, it is known as HIT which stands for High-intensity Interval Training and is used by lots of Olympic athletes. It works by doing a quick four or seven minute workout that gets your heart pumping and your major core groups working together. It can be done from your iPhone, iPad or from the developers website.

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What have you got to lose, oh about four or seven minutes in your day and some or that excess weight.


Wind In Your Face

It is that time of year again to get back into running and after not being out in the fresh air for some time due to the abysmal British weather, now is a time when I have to push myself to get out and feel the wind in my face.
While the allure of the gym with its climate-controlled settings and convenient location is the obvious choice for most runners, especially in winter, science suggests there are more benefits to exercising outdoors that cannot be replicated on a treadmill, bicycle or a track.
You stride differently when running outdoors, for one thing. Generally, studies find, people flex their ankles more when they run outside. They also, at least occasionally, run downhill, a movement that is not easily done on a treadmill and that stresses muscles differently than running on flat or uphill terrain. Outdoor exercise tends, too, to be more strenuous than the indoor version. Comparing the exertion of running on a treadmill and the exertion of running outside, treadmill runners expend less energy to cover the same distance as those striding across the ground outside, primarily because indoor exercisers face no wind resistance or changes in terrain, no matter how subtle.
The same dynamic has been shown to apply to cycling, where wind drag can result in much greater energy demands during 25 miles of outdoor cycling than the same distance on a stationary bike. That means if you have limited time and want to burn as many calories as possible, you should hit the road instead of the gym.


But there seem to be other, more ineffable advantages to getting outside to work out. In a number of recent studies, volunteers have been asked to go for two walks for the same time or distance, one inside, usually on a treadmill or around a track, the other outdoors. In virtually all of the studies, the volunteers reported enjoying the outside activity more and on subsequent psychological tests, scored significantly higher on measures of vitality, enthusiasm, pleasure and self-esteem and lower on tension, depression and fatigue after they walked outside.
Of course, those studies were small-scale, short-term and only done from two walks. But a study last year of older adults found, objectively, that those who exercised outside exercised longer and more often than those working out indoors. Specifically, the researchers asked men and women 66 or older about their exercise habits and then fitted them all with electronic gadgets that measured their activity levels for a week. The gadgets and the survey showed that the volunteers who exercised outside, usually by walking, were significantly more physically active than those who exercised indoors, completing, on average, about 30 minutes more exercise each week than those who walked or otherwise exercised indoors.
So now all I have to do is get that start off motivation rolling and then the rest should be plain sailing, or in my case, plain running.


What with the typical British weather, attempts to go out for long cross country walks or running in the park do not always come into focus, so how do some of us get around this. Do we simply persevere with the weather and take a run in the rain and cold, join the gym and hope we get value for money or what?
I knew that my interest in running and cross country walking was not going to be a one hit wonder and short lived due to the sheer fact I having a running coach who motivates me to achieve my goals even despite to my recent knee injury.
So with the advice of friends I started to think about should I invest in a treadmill?
I had in the past thought about the very idea of a treadmill but with so many on the market place and prices ranging from a few hundred pounds to the thousands, it was hard to know what would be the best one to get and also the best one for my needs.
Finally from lots of research and reviews online and one final piece of advise from a friend, I made the decision to look into purchasing a treadmill and in particular the Reebok 'Z' range.
Is there something out there that seems to just know when I am deciding to make a choice as all the factors just added up, it was like browsing data and cookies in realtime as Argos was having a sale on its treadmills.
Lucky for me all of the Reebok treadmills in the 'Z' range were half price, that was the deciding factor and I went ahead and ordered my 'Reebok Z9'.
I am now the proud owner of a Reebok Z9 treadmill.



So after hitting forty I also hit probably my heaviest weight and though I can handle being forty, one thing I do not want to be is fat and forty. So I have taken a firm hold on ways to control my food intake and also ways to exercise that burn calories. I need it to be fun to do but also for me to be able to maintain, unlike my many failed attempts at the gym. I am aiming for five days a week, a little each day and steadily increase the exercise regime as I get fitter.
I have found three great applications that are helping me on my fitter journey. Calorie counter and diet tracker by ‘MyFitnessPal’ helps me record my calorie intake, iMapMyRun by ‘MapMyFitness’ helps me not only track my walks, runs, hikes or even days out shopping but also but also the calories I have burnt in doing so and finally I use weight monitor by ‘Essence Computing’ to record my weight loss or in some cases weight gain. What I love about weight monitor is that it not only shows your weight progress but also as a trend line, so even if you do put on weight half way through your diet you can see that overall you are losing it.
I aim to GFNF, get fit not fat.