I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey.



After spending a short time on the RAF base in Lakenheath one thing instantly caught my attention, a large plain looking building with just the words Commissary on it. For those of you who do not know, a commissary is the equivalent to a grocery store on a military base. So I already liked this place based on name alone and it was here where I would go to get some treats to take back home with me. Unlike supermarkets here, isles were just dedicated to a certain product such as cereals, candy and the choices were endless.


Some of these sort of products we here in the UK and can get them in larger Waitrose stores, Harrods food hall and online specialist sweet stores, so this was an opportunity to stock up on those items that over here in the UK we are ripped off with import duties and retailer mark ups.


tootsie roll

Luckily my visit coincided with an American tradition of Halloween and candy, what we know as sweets, where plenty and mainly in large bumper bags. My mother is partial to Hershey chocolate and the variety meant I had to get one of each choice and as Gary said “it’s your mother you should get her the choice”. Wayne had heard in a song about Tootsie Roll and wanted to try them and I wanted cereals and in particular ‘Lucky charms’ something that over here is about £7 a box, but on base it is closer to $1.99 a box.
As much as this was about getting to know my new friend Gary, the trip to the Commissary was defiantly a highlight and an insight to the joys of American eating, all be it most of my purchases were candy and cereals.

apple jacks and lucky charms

Apple And A Coffee

I knew that this would be a wise investment for me. AppleCare Protection Plan extends my Mac's 90 days phone support and one year warranty to up to three years. No sweat, no worry!
I have waited this long to get the additional cover, as in the 90 days I only used the phone support three times. I think it is for more peace of mind that if anything did go wrong then not only would the cost of the labour be covered but also parts too.


For £139 it is a real deal, I just wish other companies were like Apple in this way because in the past the only reason why I have not ever bought an extended warranty is only due to the fact the warranty has been either more expensive than the actual product or nearly as expensive.
So today I made my way over to Kingston and purchased my apple care protection.
Whilst at Kingston I also wanted to add some flavour to my coffee, I wanted to make my so much loved mocha at home, but found out that after a lot of looking about for chocolate syrup, it is something that is near impossible to buy and yet every coffee house uses it. This might be due to that fact that the coffee syrups used are by a company called 'Monin' and tend to only supply to big drinks companies, bars and clubs. So finding a stockist is something that can only be done online, a route I will have to go down another time.


I asked all the big department stores and also popped into Waitrose hoping they might stock it. Everyone stocked some kind of coffee syrup but no one stocked the chocolate syrup, that is when I stumbled on Costa coffee who had two syrup Monin selection packs and then lo and behold Whittards did their own range too.
Okay it is not quite chocolate syrup, but I have a whole range of other flavours to start me off and to give my taste buds an idea of what's to come.
In my search through many a shop, someone did suggest that I use a good quality chocolate powder or even better chocolate flakes would do just the same job as a syrup and would be something that would be easier to get hold of.
Luckily Wayne had spotted the connoisseur of chocolate flakes 'Charbonnel & Walker' and with this I have been making near to perfect Mocha coffees.

Charbonnel & Walker

'Chocolat Charbonnel' recreates the use of real chocolate as a drink. Traditionally in English Chocolate Houses it was a mixture of chocolate and water only, however, for today’s taste a richer drink is now made with milk.

The Big 40th Aftermarth

Todays blog is dedicated to my gorgeous party guests and the lovely gifts I received.
Like most birthdays they start off with a bit of a buildup and waiting for the post to drop through the letterbox. So here goes with the first of the big THANK YOU announcements.
Thanks to all those of you that sent me a card in the post, there is nothing quite like getting a bit of mail that does not come in a brown envelope.


Thank you for my selection of gorgeously tasting chocolates, I am still working my way through them and on the odd occasion I am washing them down with a some of that lovely bubbly and wine.






My Pandora collection that I started earlier this year way back in May has now grown to the point that I have managed to fill my first bracelet, so a big thank you to those that have helped me fill it.





Skin care and a good beauty regime at our age is hard enough but a few of you bought me enough things that smell, purify, cleanse and brighten up my complexion.







And then there was gifts that just let you know your finally over the hill and on a steady decline.







And then came a gift or two that were extremely personal that did not fit into any bracket and clearly came from the heart.

1st Apple Card


I am truly grateful for the generosity to all my friends that bought me birthday gifts and attended my 40th celebration. I will pamper myself for along as I can in the vain that some of my birthday gifts might help halt or reverse the ageing effect. I also noticed that some of the surprises were not just in the gift but also in the unwrapping.



I am now going to chill and relax with my TeaPigs.


Have You Tried


You know when Halloween or other holidays are close as retailers start to stock their seasonal aisles with things we really do not need. Confectionary companies are not new to this way of selling old sweets with a season twist to them.
I was in Surbition the other day and stumbled on Cadbury’s holiday spin egg, seasonally put for Halloween ‘Screme egg’. Same egg, just the goo that is normally yolk coloured yellow is now green coloured goo.