I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey.


Ditch & Merge

Just a quick entry to keep my readers up to date.
I have been very busy of late getting my life in order and deciding what is relevant, or not so as the case may be.  For those that were my friends on Facebook, you may have noticed I have not posted anything of late, that is because I have ditched my account as I am sick and tiered of how much Facebook tracks me outside of my profile, yes I know you can turn on and off certain privacy functions but the down side to that is, that overtime when Facebook decides to update itself it also sets how it wants your privacy settings to be, but that may not be what you want.  I think that privacy and data protection should be your right with no exceptions or changes to how you want it, regardless of updates. 


I have also been working on combining both my photo website and personal website to just one webspace as recently I have sold work on ‘Scoopshot’ that requires a registration for tax purposes, so it seemed only the right thing to do that I should register as me an not as a business as ultimately I want to be recognised for my work.
It took a good month to merge the two websites and then also a further week of re-watermarking any images I had on the photo website, they are now sitting comfortably and well organised in their new home.

How To Write It?


I have had lots of days and nights out since my last March entry but one thing I am having a real problem doing is transcribing my events into text. It is not for the lack of how much I have done but, how to best put that into words to make it an interesting read, it is all well and good to add text and images to a blog but if it means nothing it is as good as a blank page.
I took a brave decision to not write anything and leave it until I was ready. Seems like a rash move to make for someone attempting to get his own life down in blog format but, the choice is paying off as that small break has now turned my writers block into time to think how I want to proceed with my blog from now on and also to not make the same mistake again.

It Is All Updates

Today has been a day of updates, I have been slaving away pulling data from an old blog site to finally launch the TCell Blog and all my hard work has paid off, as now the blog is live with its first of many entries. Today's only draw back has been the non existent syncing of the 'Day One' journal application between my mac and my iPad.
The injury I done on my knee a few days ago is starting to heal as for the first time in several days I am finally walking rather than limping.

Brand New Day, Brand New Me

Today is the start of the brand new regime I hope will motivate me to get some of this weight shifted and also to shift my body pattern so I get more out of my day.
It is really hard when you are stuck in a body cycle that every day puts its self out of sync, so I think a regular bed time and a regular regime of exercise should do it. The reason why I say this may help shift my body clock, might be due to the fact my body clock has always been set on night mode, from the many years working in the brewery trade, people do not realise running a pub is not a nine to five job. When you have been doing long silly hours for so long, even when you stop, your body clock just still runs on that time and even just simply going to bed early does not work, well it does not work for me. I tried going to bed early but I would be wide awake for about three hours after I had gone to bed, unable to sleep till the little hand past the number three.
I hope that if I feed my body right and do a regular exercise plan that my body will be so tiered by hopefully 10:30pm, I should naturally fall asleep by no later than midnight, this will still giving me plenty of time to do all my chores, website updates, blog entry's and also some quite time.
So instead of getting up late in the day, today I am up at 9:30am having breakfast and a coffee and just writing this entry as my body is shocked into the brand new me.