Worn Again

Anyone who knows me will know of my quest for trying to find a pair dungarees, ideally the pinstripe ones I once owned way back in my teens.  As I was pottering around Brighton one day I came across a shop that sold retro and second hand clothes, eager to find my beloved clothes from yesteryear I had a wonder about the store and low and behold a came across an array of dungarees, some of which were American imports (the best) and some others that I had not seen before, so I set about heading to the changing rooms to try on and many pairs as I could lay my hands on in what I thought might be me size.  I came away with two very nice American imports for only £35 each and also I have now found a new shop to fulfil my love of retro and imported clothes.  Sticking yet another great shop on my Brighton map, the shop ‘To Be Worn Again’.

dungs mont