Some of us suffer with a lack of sleep due to not being able to lay our heads on the pillow and just drop off to sleep. I have to listen to some kind of relaxing music through a pillow speaker or binaural beats in my headphones to slowly send me off to that land of Nod.
I have discovered a range of products and in particular a mist spray that claims to help you relax and give you a better nights sleep. At first I was a little sceptical whether or not it would work. It was sold by Avon and when I found out I had a local rep, then I had to give it ago, luckily for me at the time it was on offer, so I thought why not give it ago, nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that.


After just a few days of using this mist spray, I noticed a significant difference and getting to sleep was a lot easier and also the quality of sleep was consistent to the point that I slept through the whole of the night.
Now I am not going to say that these products will cure sleep problems because they will not, but they do have a relaxing scent that helps you unwind and relax before and while in bed, so I am thinking if you go to bed stress free chances are your sleep will improve.
For me the scent is comforting and something I now do nightly.