How Long?

It has been some time since I last posted and it has not been for want of trying but more the case of not having the time to post.
My time has been taken up with work, but then that is nothing new and any time that I have had free has been getting some energy back to potter about in the garden, visit friends, eat and sleep.

Garden 2016_10


I have been planning how I want my garden to look and though it is a work in progress, slowly but surely vegetables have been growing, herbs have been picked and flowers have grown from small cuttings to full blooms that have started to fill what was once empty spaces.

Garden 2016_7

I cannot believe that just over a year ago my garden was nothing more than a rubble site and now it has produced bright colours on even the most of darkest of days.
I have for the first time had cut flowers in the home, something I have never done before but with the success of a steady flow of well planted bulbs I have had many a vase filled with brightly colours flowers.

Garden 2016_16


Tomatoes this year have grown very well and I have gone from planting a small crop in tubs to a variety of different tomatoes planted at the back of the garden.

Garden 2016_12



I have one last project this year for my garden and that is some nice lighting round the edge of the second patio, I am going for a nice soft blue glow.
I am going to let what plants and shrubs I have in the garden take shape and bloom, then next year I will plant more in the gaps I have and each year my garden will grow until there will be no space except for that of a few boarder flowers.