Back Into It

After just over two weeks of knee pain, lots of strong painkillers and of course rest, it is time to get those muscles strengthened up and back into a few light workouts.
I got to admit I am somewhat nervous about doing any kind of exercise let alone starting to run again for the fear of injuring myself again, it is almost like when you have had a car accident and you have to get back behind the steering wheel again to get over it.
I have been reading on the Internet and noticed on a few good sports recovery sites that using the Wii balance board and some simple stretches will get me back onto the whole exercise thing again and finding out it will also help towards the process of muscle strengthening around the knee area. One sports injury clinic actually adopted the Wii as its main recovery for knee and back surgery patients and after reading this article I then felt less nervous about using my Wii to get back into the swing of it all.