Break! Break!

Today saw the first time in three years, some tinkering to my car.
Whilst driving home yesterday, a very kind motorcyclist flagged me over to say that none of my break lights were coming on. When I got home to check them it was an intermittent problem, was it a short in the trunk, oh perfect opportunity for the 9 to 5 sketch: Police officer notices the cars break blinking:
(*po-Police Officer, vn-Violet Newstead, jb-Judy Bernly, dr-Doralee Rhodes)

po-Evening, ladies. May I see your license and registration?
vn-Why? I wasn't speeding.
po-Your taillight is blinking.
vn-It is?
po-Are your signals on?
po-There must be a short in the trunk.
vn-A short in the trunk?
vn-We've got a short in the trunk.
po-Probably a defective wire. Want to take a look?
vn-Do we want to take a look?
dr-No. We can’t. We don't have time.
vn-We're on an emergency.
dr-That's right. She's a doctor.
po-You're a doctor?
vn-You think I'm a beautician?
po-I didn't see the badge. What's wrong?
vn-I’m taking this woman to the hospital, and she's very sick.
po-Which one of you is sick?
jb-I am.
dr-She is.
vn-They're both sick.
po-What is that you're hiding there?
vn-It's rat poison.
dr-She ate it.
vn-She ate the rat poison. That's why they're sick.
po-You ate rat poison?
jb-I thought it was Skinny and Sweet. It looks just like it...except for the skull and crossbones. Can we go now, officer? I'm not feeling well.
vn-She's not well. I've got a dying woman, and you want to look in the trunk?
po-I'm sorry, doctor.
vn-If we don't make it, you're responsible.
po-Don't worry, I'll give you an escort.
dr-An escort.
vn-He's going to give us an escort. Lord.
po-Follow me.
vn-Forget it, Man, we can’t wait!

Well, after phoning Peugeot, Croydon and being told it would cost over £130 just for them to look at it, Wayne started to phone around for a mobile mechanic and came across Mo-Tech advertised in
Mo, was great, told us the part to get and then arranged to come round today to fit it. The service was brilliant and he was quick, clean and very professional and also a very polite, a quality not often found in a mechanics.
Job done and all fixed for less than £40 including parts.