JLP Fright Night

Something that I am lucky to be part of, is the extensive array of special trips and discounts that are available to both Waitrose and John Lewis partners.  They are available throughout the year and then there are some special events exclusively for its partners.  


Just before the close of the theme park season, JLP hired out the entire use of Thorpe Park for its annual ‘Fright Night' scare event.  In previous years it had been open to partners and guests of partners for only several hours exclusivity but this year it was a day long event from 10am to 10pm, ride all you like with little or no queues in day light and in the dead of night.

ali jezz 4d 2016

ali jezz night time stealth 2016 2

My work bestie Ali had never been to Thorpe Park, not even with her kids and so I took advantage of this great deal and had a fab day out with her.
We had a few hours of rain but that did not stop us from jumping on all the rides and just meant in some cases donning on a plastic poncho to keep dry.

ali thorpe coffee 2016

ali foot long 2016

There was several scare mazes, some of which I had not been in, only heard about.  Ali entered them fearlessly telling screaming girls, ‘step aside, I’ve had kids’.
What a great day, roll on next years event and I will even do it in fancy dress.

ali nem 2 2016

ali stealth 1 2016