Broadening The Range

The scenario is, you are using your iPad in the lounge streaming your favourite movie or on a FaceTime call with a friend, then you head to the kitchen and then all of a sudden, you are in a wifi no-spot.
What do you do?
The solution is a wireless extender or signal booster. Like other wireless technology, wireless range extenders use radio frequencies to transmit data. Your wireless router transmits data to a network-connected device, such as a laptop or network-ready printer, over radio signals. These signals have a maximum distance they can travel and if the device is far from the router, may never reach the device. Wireless range extenders sit between the router and the device to capture the signals. The captured signals are amplified and retransmitted to the network. This process allows for a greater network area without physical wiring.
Today the BT dual band wifi extender arrived and the set up was really simple, it was simply just plug it into any power socket within your existing wi-fi range and it’ll connect wirelessly with your router, giving you the improved reliability and speed of dual-band and helping to make dead spots a thing of the past.