Focus On Life

A quote to get you focused for life.

Life is like a camera.  
Just focus on what is important and capture the good times, develop from the negative and if things do not work out, just take another shot.

Food Porn

Taking pictures of food is nothing new, but the growing number of diners who come to restaurants armed with cameras of all sorts has triggered photo bans all over the country.
Just look up #foodporn on any social media and you have got yourself a whopping 11,000,000+ photos to sift through. Some restaurants are more lenient than others by only restricting flash photography, but there are some that have banned food photography altogether, even if it means free advertising. A few chefs and restaurant owners have found a way to cope with today’s trends by inviting foodsnappers back to their kitchens so that they can get a better shot and a better opportunity for a more lucrative advertising opportunity.
Others are not as forgiving of iPhone food photography. After all, it is not unusual to see someone standing on their chair just to gain a better perspective of their plate, or disgruntled dining companions waiting for their photographer friend to finish documenting their dishes.
I admit that I have been guilty of keeping a food diary and posting the occasional food snaps, but I have never disrupted another diner’s experience with my photography. I would much rather take a photo from where I am seated than take a good one from on top of my chair and anyway the trend for food shots from another angle is much more pleasing than that from a direct above shot.
What about you? To what lengths do you go for food photography?

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