Ditch And Switch

For most of my years as a photographer I have owned a digital camera and I love it. But there are many situations that it has either been too big to carry with me or I just do not have it with me when that perfect shot came along.
As technology has changed so rapidly, owning the best camera that you can afford with the most amount of megapixels soon becomes very old and usually within the first year of owning that camera another one comes out, not necessarily bigger but technically better.
A few years ago I made the switch from PC to Mac and though it took nearly 6 months to get my portfolios just how I wanted them in both iPhoto and Aperture I still used my digital camera for photo shoots.
Aperture was great for tethering but sometimes could be hit or miss if I was using wireless over cable, however one thing it never could do, was if was out on location I would have to rely on several SD cards to store my days shoot.
On every shoot I always had my iPhone with me and it was not until the iPhone 4s came out and more recently the iPhone 5s, that the possibility of actually using my iPhone as the camera to do the shoot.
My iPhone 5s is with me wherever I go and I have made a conscious decision to ditch and switch and to now use my iPhone as my only camera.


I did a small test with a fellow photographer who only uses his DSLR and told him one photo was taken with my digital camera and the other with the iPhone 5s and could he tell the defence between the two images.  It was really surprising how he looked at both photos and immediately said, “without a question of doubt this photo was taken with the digital camera”. I questioned him as to why? He replied “the quality of that shot could only have come from a digital camera, no phone gets it that crisp”, he was shocked when I told him that he was praising the iPhone 5s photo.
It just goes to show that my trusted iPhone, that incidentally I do upgrade regularly can keep up with my photo needs and if anything has now become a two fold purchase both for personal and now professional.
I have no question of a doubt that the iPhones camera will never be good enough to certain photographers who require lenses longer than their arms but for the type of work that I do it is perfect.  The advantages of using the iPhone camera over a digital camera when it comes to backing up work, well the iPhone wins hands down.  Now I have every photo I take not only on my camera roll but also stored almost immediately in my iCloud photo stream, it is like tethering but with Apple’s twist on it.  I now can be anywhere in the world and know all my photos are safely stored ready for when I get home to edit them or as they are stored in the cloud, nothing is stopping me pulling them back down to use them on my iPad and edit them in any one of the vast array or iOS photo editing applications.
When it comes to upgrade time then I know that selling my old iPhone will not be a problems as with making most of my money back as it seems that Apple products keep their value even when newer models come onto the market.
2014 for me brings a new era to my photography career, I dare say the only convincing that I might need to make are with new and possibly old clients and the attitudes it brings when I turn up with just my iPhone and not a bulky camera.
Here is looking in the eye of creation dead on and slapping it about a bit.